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Reconnecting with the mothership - back to basics in nature

The last two weeks have been profoundly revitalizing.

The sole of my barefoot has been pressed against the bare soil of mother creation… and I feel myself again.

My camping trip in Portugal has consisted of nothing but the beautiful simplicity of living life; we collected water from the natural spring, cooked on the open fire, washed our clothes in the stream and basked in the sun under the blue sky. I can think of nothing more healing than this profoundly simple combination.

As science has now proved, the negative/positive ion transfer between the sole of the foot and the bare earth has an electrical grounding effect on the body’s energy system. However, I didn’t need a scientific paper to convince me of this, just the pure bliss of the personal experience. Each single cell of the body revitalizes as the healing process takes place on every level.

A core principle of Native American philosophy is the purity of water. As our bodies are mostly water, it stands to reason that what we drink affects our entire being. Drinking the pure, mineral rich spring water flowing from the earth has had a massive impact on restoring my health and vitality.

Being in constant contact with the elements awakens and refines the senses putting you in touch with all that surrounds you and the world within; it encourages you to pause, listen and feel, allowing you to step into the present moment.

Walking on the uneven ground, climbing and squatting was a great outdoor exercise which served to strengthen and tone my muscles. Squatting for a reason, rather than pointless repetitions in the gym makes you realize how living on the land has a fantastic indirect benefit on your fitness.

Finally, there is nothing better for the children growing in the city than complete immersion in the natural experience. They get to understand and appreciate the basic elements of life and have so, so much fun!

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