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  • 1-1 Sound Healing

  • Private Sound Baths for groups and couples

  • Sound Bath and Gong Bath events

  • Sacred Sound Journeys

  • Ceremonies


1-1 Sound Healing Sessions


In a 1-1 Sound Healing session we will work together on a quantum level of consciousness focused on your specific issue or intention. The therapeutic benefits and transformative power of Sound will facilitate this process bringing healing on the physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual levels.

A Sound Healing session can include Intuitive Guidance, Sacred Oils and Energy Work as needed (if required).


Sessions are available in Clapham South, London.

PRICE in person varies starting at £130 to £150 for 90mins session, £170 to £190 for 2hrs session

For online sessions prices visit here



What is Sound Healing and how does it work

A sound immersion, with the powerful emission of sound frequencies, bathes you in deep relaxation restoring alignment, synchronizing the brainwaves and facilitating the rehabilitation of your cells to normal vibratory frequency, or to resonance which is your original vibratory frequency. The impact of Sound on human cells has been extensively studied since the ’80 but we also know that the ancient Mystery schools held a deep knowledge of sound and vibrational medicine, using sonic energy for healing and to achieve altered states of consciousness.

Everything is frequency and in a state of vibration. All matter vibrates at specific frequencies, including our body, our organs and the cells in our body. We are in optimal health and wellbeing when we have a normal resonant frequency, but if that frequency begins to shift then that part of our body is vibrating out of ease, we say it is dis-eased. This is basically the principle of using sound as a transformational and healing tool, restoring the body back into its healthy resonance to repair damaged tissue and cells and reinstate the harmonious energetic, emotional and mental function.

Sacred Sound frequencies therapeutic benefits and transformative power are felt on physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual levels.

Group Sound Baths & Gong Baths


I offer Sound Healing Journeys for groups, including Gong Bath, Sacred Sound Journeys & Ceremonies, Sound Baths/Soundscapes.

In a Sound Journey we enter sacred space were I will take you into a state of meditation or guided visualizations set on a specific intention or theme. I will then guide you into a profound and transformative multisensory experience through the use of sacred instruments and sacred oils/resins. In this deeply relaxing and restorative sound bath journeys I will be using gongs, crystal singing bowls, himalayan singing bowls, flutes, chimes, drums, rattle and other instruments depending on what we are working on.

  • Events, Ceremonies, Private, Corporate, Workshops - Contact me for details and bookings

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