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JADE & GUA SHA BEAUTY RITUAL - Veronica's signature facial


Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine/Oriental Cosmetology, this unique therapy created by Veronica incorporates Jade stones, Jade Gua Sha, Jade roller. T his facial ritual was made famous by ancient Chinese royal families that used the beneficial effect of jade stone massage to keep their face smooth and youthful. Jade has healing, balancing, harmonizing and beautifying properties.


Best for: Traditionally jade rollers were used to flatten wrinkles, clear fluid congestion, relieve sinus pain and puffiness under the eyes.

Treatment: The cooling and soothing Jade stones are used over the face and neck with specific massage strokes over muscles, meridians and acu-points. A gorgeous face pack with anti-oxidant and anti-ageing Chinese herbal oils, the ceremonial grade Matcha green tea and pure organic raw honey is applied on the face while your neck is been massaged with aromatic oils to create a wonderful experience for your senses.

Jade stones, Jade Gua Sha, Jade roller. See video below

NOTE: Only the 90 mins treatment allows time for the face pack.


Results: Lymphatic drainage and blood circulation are improved. Skin is beautified and enhanced, toned, decongested and silk-like smooth. Redness and uneven texture minimized. Blissful relaxation is achieved.

For fast, effective results a course of treatments is recommended.


PRICE: 1hr £100 | 90 mins £135

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Sessions offered in my treatment room in Clapham South or in clinic in Balham.


”What an amazing treat the Jade Facial I had with Veronica. Her expertise and gentleness makes this experience so worthwhile. It’s relaxing, nourishing, my skin was feeling radiant and smooth like silk afterwards. You will definitely seem me regularly”.

Anamarta - Taoist Teacher at Jade Circle® & Healing Tao

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