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Spring - Creating Matter from Energy

Updated: Apr 1


Creating Matter from Energy

"Hold what you desire as your intention and give it life"

Here is my Spring offering to you:

SPRING MEDITATION: Merging with Nature, enjoy it!

All pictures by Veronica Massa taken in London Uk


The cycle of the seasons in the Chinese Medicine tradition, associates Spring with the wood element. The first element in the Five Element Cycle, its symbolism relates to birth, growth, new beginning, creation of life, and life itself, it’s development and evolution. The wood element is embodied by trees, symbols of creation and growth, honoured as spiritual beings - each with its unique wisdom and teachings - in many cultures around the world.

Trees are the bridge between earth and sky, a link between Heaven and Earth, embodying the Wood’s element creative energy that turns heavenly energy into earthly form.

Spring it’s the phase in which new lives take form, energy is transformed into matter. Symbolically this is the time for planting our seeds, new ideas; and it’s also a prosperous time to develop ourself, to give life to our dreams and visions.

Bring ideas into reality is akin to birthing them, it brings their energy into form.

What is it inside you that is waiting to be born?

Born from Water in the creation cycle, Wood emerges from the primordial waters, the ocean of possibilities - the whole - to manifest into the separation expressed in the individual form.

The creative power of Spring grants you the chance to become a vessel of possibilities.

To dream your seed into reality and open to the magic of possibilities.

Use the creative energy of spring for your benefit and the benefit of others.

Dream sharing your gifts into being, and you will be amazed to see these vibrant seeds take root and spread.

Spring is a time of balance, renewal, and welcoming new life into the world and into our inner landscape. In this abundantly creative time for celebration, we are invited to bring joy into our life, making sure we don’t miss the fun getting lost in the seriousness of our busy life.

The 20th of March, the SPRING EQUINOX, is known as a day of equilibrium and balance. Suggesting a reflection into our own life. .... is there balance in your life?

Equinox means equal-night and marks the time at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length.

This recalls concepts of Equality, equilibrium, balance.

To honor these cosmic principles, we can bring into our spiritual practice Fragonia Sacred Oil to help us in finding our internal equilibrium.

Like the perfect balance and harmony of the golden ratio that Fragonia is emblematic of (expressed through its chemistry) we have to thrive, just like nature itself, to maintain our inner balance. Just like the vibrational frequencies of sound, Fragonia offers a profound energetic shift on fixed believes and repetitive patters, helping us to open up to receive realizations and visions from source for the unique expression of our self.

We will tune into the physical body and into the inner-self for grounding and releasing, balancing and harmonizing the nervous system into a state of ease and deep

relaxation as we prepare for energetic tuning experiencing and connecting to the guidance of Fragonia and Sacred Sound. The change which both the number 5 and Spring symbolize, welcome a desire to explore new possibilities. This seasonal phase and your conscious intention set in ceremony and sound meditation may bring the change or the balance that you need in your life. With its high vibrational frequency, and its unique energetic pattern, Fragonia has a profound calming action that encourages deep breathing and a return home to self.



Merging with Nature

Feel yourself as the nature being that you truly are. A vibrational being. Connect to the circle of life and all the elements water, fire, earth, air… they are inside you, they are the foundation of your make up, you are made of them and were born from them. So you are Nature yourself, remember and reconnect to your true essence. Feel yourself immersed into the natural world outside of you and inside of you, merging with all there is and feeling alive…connect to your breath, listen to the sound of your breath, the feeling it produces in your body, it’s rhythm and it’s pace. Let this breath of life be your regenerative Spring, a rebirth with each breath in… As we breathe out we die to the old, as we breathe in we are re-born to the new.

Be like a tree grounded deeply into the earth, feeling your roots growing long and strong down into the earth. As your roots grow, you are also planting your seeds. Feel the growth and expansion as your seeds are taking root and germinating, and from your arms, stretched high into the sky, your fingers spread, you are growing new branches, flowers are blossoming ... and every flower is a dream, a vision, a desire, a new possibility. Look above and all around you and admire the splendid flowers you have created, smell their scents, see their colour, observe the beauty and intricacy, their perfect geometry. These are your creations, each one of them your vision coming into reality your dream manifesting. No matter how big or small they can be, it doesn’t matter… what matters is that you know you are the creator/tress birthing into life a garden of possibilities which you will cultivate and nurture into your life.

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