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Feel like the Goddess you truly are. Enter the sacred space of the ancient temple and immerse yourself in the beauty of a truly nurturing experience with sacred scents, precious oils, Gold and Copper for your skin, an expert healing caring touch for a magical healing session.

Dissipate stress and rejuvenate!

Best for: busy women who want to look good and take care of themselves with simple and natural rituals and skincare. These rituals give you time to acknowledge and celebrate yourself, nurture self love and embrace the cyclical passing of time and the wisdom that comes with ageing.

Ideal for women who feel low about the signs of ageing and want to learn ways to manage them naturally.  Or busy women who feel stressed and this show on their face making them look older and tired. 

Treatment: Veronica will transport you to a place of complete and deep relaxation where you can "switch your mind off", so that all emotional and mental stress - expressed outwards in your face and skin - will dissipate. In doing so your entire being is re-balanced and harmonized, your skin appears more youthful, stress free, with an internal glow.

Precious oils and ingredients such as Gold, Copper, Frankincense, Lotus, Royal Amber and rejuvenating natural skincare will be used in your skin. Veronica creates a sacred space and a magical experience.


Results: Re-emerge lighter and rejuvenated, mentally and physically, looking and feeling wonderful! This is a truly special beautifying experience. Feel like the Goddess you truly are!

You will learn how to look after your face, become aware of your facial expressions and how they affect ageing, let go of tensions and negative emotions, and feel good about yourself. Get rid of your frowning line by learning how to use your muscles with awareness and identify the feeling/emotion that causes that facial expression. What unconscious behavior is adding years to your face prematurely?

                                                                            South London                       Mayfair                                                                  



90 mins                                                                COST: £145                           


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