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Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and tools, this unique therapy created by Veronica incorporates Cupping, Gua Sha, Jade roller and acupressure. Beautifies and strengthens the skin while promoting health. 


Best for: 

  • Improving complexion, regenerating skin cells, increase natural collagen and elastin production.

  • Thinning skin in menopause and skin changes in pre-menopause.

  • Facial muscles tension.

  • Dull skin lacking lustre.

  • Congestion and puffiness.

  • Lost of tone and sagging skin.

Treatment: The highly effective techniques stimulate the skin at the deepest level and the muscles.


Acupressure and massage stimulation by hand and the use of facial cups (medical silicone grade Bellabaci cups also available from the shop), Gua Sha (Jade mainly for its therapeutic qualities but also Rose Quarzt) and  Jade roller .


NOTE: 90 Minutes treatment allows for the ceremonial grade Matcha green tea and pure organic raw honey face pack.



  • Relaxes facial muscles

  • Streangthens and smoothes the skin and facial muscles

  • Boosting blood, lymphatic and Qi circulation,

  • it enhance the skin and restores a radiant, healthy glow.

  • Reduced appearance of scars,

  • tightened pore,

  • minimized depth of wrinkles and skin discoloration.

  • Sinuses are decongested and facial/head tension is released.

  • Skin is smoother, toned and texture is improved.

For fast, effective results a course of treatments is recommended.


PRICE: 1hr £90 | 90 mins £125

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Sessions offered in my treatment room in Clapham South or in clinic in Balham.

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