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Facial Reflex Therapy applies the  principles of foot reflexology, working on micro maps of the body, through your most visible feature: your face. It's based on ancient facial maps from Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese traditions and indigenous tribes of South America, combined with the study of modern neurology of the face and the central nervous system. Through these maps and 12 major Chinese energy meridians, it aims at stimulating the brain and nerve system and initiate the healing process. Cranial lines and points are also stimulated where appropriate. 

The face is richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels. Its closeness to the brain means that stimulus perceived by your senses take the shortest possible route to the control centre of the body to potentially address your health imbalances. It is not a case that most of our senses, vision, smell, hearing, taste, are in our face so that the messages to the brain have a short route to travel.



Best for: any health issue and imbalances or preventative to mantain wellness and welbeing. You don’t have to be affected by a medical condition to enjoy the benefits of Facial Reflexology – as it is very calming and grounding, it will help you to cope with stress and keep your health in optimum condition. We don't realise how much tension can build up in the muscles of our face, we use our face hundreds of times a day and communicate through our facial expressions. Expressed and suppress emotion may result in an accumulation of facial muscle tension which the deep releasing strokes of face reflexology may steadily dissipate - potentially achieving a corresponding improvement in your sense of well-being.

Treatment: A detailed health history is always taken on your first appointment. Your current health state is assessed and a specific Facial Reflexology plan is designed for you. Facial Reflexology initiate a natural improvement in the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, muscle tone and nerve supply to the face and head. Clients frequently report an enhanced feeling of well-being – and a glowing complexion. Pure Rose Mosqueta oil from South America and sometimes appropriate essential oils are applied on the face to perform the therapy.


Results: Facial reflexology helped thousands of people with all sort of complains and has also proven to be very effective in helping children suffering from learning and behaviour difficulties and also in the rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries and neurological problems. The therapy is appropriate for clients of all ages including children (who may respond particularly quickly) and those with a dis-ability.

A session normally lasts about one hour, but can be extended to 90 minutes if additional Facial Muscle Reflex Stimulation is incorporated.



A dynamic facial muscle stimulation technique for lifting and toning all the facial muscles. In combination with facial reflex therapy, it helps with recovery from neurological and brain damaged medical issues. i.e. recovering the facial muscles after stokes or for lifting the face muscles from illnesses such as Bell’s Palsy. This unique facial muscle lifting technique gives amazing results to also help smooth out wrinkles as part of a course of treatments for Facial Reflexology.

For fast, effective results a course of treatments is recommended.

PRICE: 1hr £85 | 90 mins £120

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Sessions offered in my treatment room in Clapham South or in clinic in Balham.

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