AROMATHERAPY Clinical, Holistic and Traditional Oriental Medicine

Aromatherapy is an ancient health-care practice and a healing art based on the traditional and scientifically supported use of aromatics extracts. Aromatic oils are extracted from a huge variety of flowers, plants and trees. These oils have the ability to support the natural healing energy within you and are of particular benefit to many chronic ailments, stress-related conditions & emotional difficulties.

My work incorporates the ancient values of Traditional Chinese Medicine, combined with the therapeutic and energetic use of essential oils. This enables me to treat each individual both clinically and holistically addressing the underlying causes of the symptoms.

Aromatic Acupressure (essential oils acupoint massage) based on the Oriental Five Elements theory increases the health benefits of the therapy. Each oil or combination of oils has a specific affinity for certain points and meridians, enhancing the physiological or psychological action of the point. A particular essential oil shares key synergistic actions with a specific acupoint; appropriately selected, the essential oils can be chosen for their ability to regulate Qi, address particular issues and harmonize the mind and emotions in relation to an imbalance in the Five Elements.

Aromatherapy blends and remedies are tailor-made for the individual specific needs.


Aroma-dermatology is a very effective tool to treat minor skin complaints, assisting in relieving the symptoms and controlling the extent and severity of the conditions. Each case is individually assessed, especially the psychological impact of the condition.

Essential oils and Sacred Oils are used as required during treatments to support and facilitate emotional  & spiritual harmonization and healing. Sacred Oils are highly vibrational and come from an ancient tradition.

Best for: The aim of my therapies is to restore emotional and mental balance, re-harmonize organ system functions, and help with common medical conditions, or simply achieve relaxation and manage stress to improve health and wellbeing.

Treatment: Aromatic oils can be applied through different mediums. Massage enhances the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and is a great way to de-stress, relax & restore your energy & wellbeing. If we consider our skin like the messenger that connects the outside world with the brain, it should not surprise the great effect that massage has on our minds.

Results: In years of experience I recorded many successful stories of people who overcame or significantly improved emotional imbalances and depression, skin problems and scarring, chronic cough and sinusitis, debilitating muscle and joint pain as well as minimising premature signs of aging.