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With its high vibration,  energy healing works on different energy bodies  balancing the chakras, reconnecting with oneself and with  Source Energy.

This energy heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, with a focus on the heart centre. Illness and physical / mental imbalance begins as energy blockages in the body and aura.  In a Reiki Sekhem treatment it is possible to sense these blockages and direct healing energy through them.

Sacred Oils are used as required during a healing session to support and facilitate emotional  & spiritual harmonization and healing.

A Healing session can include, as appropriate, different methodologies such as

  • Sound Healing

  • TCM Acupressure stimulating the flow of Qi (Life-force) in the meridians and balancing energetic body systems and organs

  • Sekhem Healing

  • Alchemical Healing

  • Elements of Shamanism

  • Intuitive guidance

  • and whatever is needed for your particular healing and support.

PRICE in person varies starting at £130 to £150 for 90mins session, £170 to £190 for 2hrs session. Contact me for enquiries.

For online sessions prices visit here

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