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How do I offer Healing?

Veronica' s healing sessions are based on her 20 years of training, experience and on-going studies in Sound Healing, Shamanic practices, Egyptian Shamanic Mysteries, Psychic development & Intuitive Art, Plant Spirit Healing, Cacao Ceremonies, Alchemical Healing, Sekhem Healing, Aromatherapy and Sacred Oils, Traditional Oriental Medicine, Facial Reflexology,  and other modalities.  Veronica Nilah creates bespoke Healing sessions on a 1-1 and group basis for private clients, events, retreats, corporate workshops, and wellbeing days.

Over the years her workshops varied between her interest in women's health in all stages of life, including self-care, self face massage, pregnancy and  preparation for birth, Menarche Ceremonies, and her interest in Herbal Medicine and aromatherapy, including natural product making, Sacred Oils and Purification Rituals, Ceremonies of Closure.

In her unique multisensory soundscape experiences Veronica bring the healing power of sound into ritual and ceremony. In her Sacred Sound Ceremonies, she integrates the ancient Temple Tradition of Sacred Scents - using Sacred Oils and ancient resins - connecting to the spirit medicine and soul essence of plants. 

For more information about Veronica’s healing services, or to book, please click on the categories below. You can also email with any questions.

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Group Events & Workshops



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Treatments are all bespoke, your treatment will be UNIQUE to you,

your skin needs and your goals. 

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