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ROSE FACIAL EXPERIENCE - Veronica's signature facial


Veronica's own handcrafted creation, 100% natural Rose range skincare Youth N' Roses, will delight your senses, calm your mind and leave you with a fresh, youthful glow. Rose, the "Queen of Flowers" calms the heart and the mind,promoting self love and self-esteem. A profound face/mind/hearth connection experience.


Best for: Deep cleansing, nourishing and designed for dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin.

Treatment: This gentle, nourishing and soothing treat focuses on the face, head and neck, re-balancing the skin and relaxing the muscles. The facial ends with a rose quartz stone massage.


Results: Redness, dryness and dehydration are counteracted by rose and other therapeutic, high quality  and organic botanicals contained in the products. You will emerge from this blissful experience calm, rejuvenated and with the confidence to face the world with a more positive outlook. 

Your skin will feel and look supple, refreshed and radiant while the tiredness in your face faded away. 

PRICE: 1hr £90| 90 mins £125

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Sessions offered in my treatment room in Clapham South or in clinic in Balham.


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