"I am  passionate about natural ways and herbal medicine, exploring the face-mind-soul connection and inspiring women to feel and look ageless, joyful and honour themselves. I am a multi-disciplinary holistic therapist with a special interest in women’s well-being and natural health care in all stages of life, including pregnancy.

My face treatments aren’t “just” facials; they are a profound experience for body, mind and soul. A personalized therapeutic solution to lift your spirit, calm your mind, feel and look happier and rejuvenated.

As a therapist I see clients as a unique soul and complex individuals with a background of experience that makes them who they are today. I enjoy connecting with them and work together supporting them in any way I can and develop a relationship of trust and exchange.

I love my client’s energy, their will power to make a change, to enhance their life, think and live positively and with joy.


I love seeing their face changing, as emotional tension is released and watch them flowing through life more freely and stress free.

I am delighted to start this journey with you."     Veronica


Veronica’s work involves the use of various methods and therapies including specialized face-lift massage techniques, Facial Reflex Therapy (Sorensensistem), Traditional Oriental Facial Therapies and tools (cupping, gua sha and jade roller), acupressure and tapping, relaxation and visualisation, Face Yoga and exercises, Clinical/Oriental/Spiritual Aromatherapy -using Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, including Five Elements Aromatherapy and the use of clinical grade oils and Sacred oils.

She offers a vast variety of holistic facial treatments including her own signature facials 100% natural.


Having studied aroma-dermatology, and being a certified cosmetic maker, she gained wide experience in aromatherapy product design and have created her own YOUTH N' ROSES skincare line, handcrafted in small batches: "A naturally active therapeutic skincare only using ‘therapeutic quality’ organic botanicals to really make a difference to the skin”. 

She has had great success in helping people overcome emotional imbalances and depression, muscle and joint pain, skin problems and scarring,  as well as minimizing the signs of aging. 

She is constantly deepening and expanding her knowledge and experience in complementary approaches and healing, including personal and spiritual growth.


Nefertum, the Egyptian God of Aromatherapy, Perfume and Healing

with the Sacred Blue Lotus on His head