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Veronica is a multidisciplinary intuitive healer and holistic therapist with a special interest in women’s well-being, natural health care, and exploring the face-mind-soul connection.

In her healing sessions you can experience a combination of the knowledge and expertise she has accumulated in 20 years of professional practice, including Traditional Oriental Medicine and Five Elements Aromatherapy, Clinical Aromatherapy, Facial Reflex Therapies, Alchemical and Sekhem energy healing, Sound Healing, a vast array of massage therapies and a compassionate heart-centered approach.

Veronica offers unique multisensory soundscape experiences bringing the healing power of sound, scent and art into ritual and ceremony. In her Sacred Sound Ceremonies, she integrates the ancient Temple Tradition of Sacred Oils and Plant Spirit Healing, connecting to the spirit medicine and soul essence of plants, providing direct communication for inner healing work, self-knowledge, strong intuition and profound alignment.

Veronica is a visionary artist Spirit inspired, working with the Egyptian Shamanic Mysteries, she is the creatrix of Sothis Sacred Oils and founder of Sothis Temple where Sacred Art, Sacred Scents and Sacred Sounds meet in unison to and expand consciousness and nourish the soul, to nurture healing and spiritual growth.


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Nefertum, the Egyptian God of Aromatherapy, Perfume and Healing

with the Sacred Blue Lotus on His head

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