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AN HOLISTIC APPROACH TO SINUSITIS and Art of Facial massage workshop

Facial expert Veronica Massa takes an in depth look at sinusitis and the use of herbs, essential oils and massage in treatment. Follow the link to read the full article and see about Veronica's Art of Facial Massage workshop on 30th September 2017.

As a therapist, especially focusing on the face, I discovered that a very high percentage of people suffer from sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis, a condition where the sinuses become infected, inflamed and congested, is ever increasing here in the city. I wonder if this has to do with the level of pollution we are more and more exposed to which exacerbates inflammation of the mucus membranes. Impairing the normal functioning of the nasal passages causes the normal flow and drainage of mucus to be obstructed and accumulated, then leading to infection. Sinus infections usually is by a virus, bacteria or fungi (fungal spores in the air are thought to be one of the most common causes of sinusitis).

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