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Sound Healing

A very ancient healing modality, Sound can bring shift and profound healing on all levels of your being, realigning you to your original vibratory frequency.


Healing & Holistic Face Therapies

With two decades dedicated to Holistic Healing, my therapeutic sessions combine multidisciplinary healing modalities, skills and expertise.


Plant Spirit Ceremonies

Sacred Plant Spirit medicine Inititian & Ceremonies 

  • Sacred Blue Lotus

  • Sacred Cacao

  • Frankincense & Myrrh 

  • Sacred Oils


Group Sound Journeys

I offers Sound Baths,Gong Baths and unique multisensory Sound Journey events bringing the healing power of sound into ritual and ceremony. 

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Sacred Oils

In my Sacred Sound Ceremonies, I integrates the ancient Temple Tradition of Sacred Scents (using Sacred Anointing Oils and ancient resins), connecting to the spirit medicine and soul essence of plants. I'm the creatrex of Sothis Sacred & Anointing Oil.

20201221 Veronica Nilah Massa 6-445.jpg

Acient Resins

Plant Resins, Smudging and Sacred Smoke have a very ancient hystorical tradition in many cultures. DIscover their spiritual, energeticand medicinal properties.  


about me

Guided by an intuitive, holistic approach and holding a heart-centered awareness, Veronica's work focuses on facilitating the process of self healing. A multidisciplinary intuitive healer; in the past two decades she gathered experience in the Holistic Healing Arts and as a workshop facilitator.

With a deep insight into the face-mind-heart connection, aromatic healing and sacred sound, Veronica creates profound therapeutic experiences re-harmonizing the emotions, centering the spirit and realigning with the true self.

Veronica works with a variety of therapeutic modalities, hands on and energetically,  integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with Clinical Aromatherapy and Facial Reflex & Trauma Release Therapy, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Plant Spirit Healing, Sacred Oils and Psychic Art.



Veronica is the creatrix of Sothis Sacred Oils & Sacred Incense, and founder of Sothis Temple, where Sacred Art, Sacred Scents and Sacred Sounds meet in unison to celebrate life and nourish the soul, to nurture healing and spiritual growth. 

To view Veronica's art visit

Veronica's 100% natural therapeutic botanical Rose Skincare Collection

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