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Which unconscious pattern or emotion is adding years to your face prematurely?

Our face stores and reveals our emotions.

Negative emotions create blockages and tension that manifest in our face through contracted expressions, stiffness and aches.

With time these facial expressions become habitual causing our face to age prematurely and chronic symptoms to develop. When these muscular contractions are held for a long time (sometime since we are children) we lose awareness of them, without realizing that, through our facial motions, we are constantly sending messages to our brain.

In the process of letting go of stuck emotions, the physiognomy of our face will change as it frees up and habitual lines will soften. When we learn to express our emotions in a healthier way, let go of old thought patterns and negative perception of ourselves our face appears brighter, joyful and youthful; we open up to a possibility of loving self acceptance and appreciation, allowing the beauty within to harness and shine outwards.

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