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Guided meditation for jaw tension and teeth grinding

As my next blog I would like to share with clients suffering from face tension and specifically TMJ disorder/Jaw pain and tension this very helpful relaxation and release technique. It is a guided meditation that helps you to focus attention on your body and be fully aware of how specific body parts feel when strained by tension and realise that this tensions are just a nervous outlet that can be released. This process helps step out of the situation we are in or the mind frame we are in; encourages to detach and look at things objectively and ultimately let go of those feelings causing the tensions that are holding us back. Becoming aware of your body and how it feels, helps connecting with the feelings/emotions that are causing that tension.

Which vibration frequency are you in? Which emotion are you hanging on to? Which vibration is making you contract those muscles? Which thought? Are you feeling upset? Guilty? Fearful? Angry? Anxious? And why?Acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to let them go replacing them with new, positive and expansive one.

Take a deep breath and relax........ going deeper and deeper as you breath out....... enjoy the process!

Bruxism Grinding Teeth Hypnosis

My name is Veronica Massa and I am a Holistic Therapist and Facial Expert.

I love working on the face and it has become my specialised focus as I am very fascinated about the face/mind connection. I can help release stress, pain and emotional tension accumulated in the face, head and neck. My treatments could provide a valuable addition to the work of the dentist when clients experience chronic TMJ disorder, relieving pain, tension and associated emotional imbalances. Our face stores and reveals our emotions. Negative emotions create blockages and tension that manifest in our face through contracted expressions, stiffness and aches. With time these facial expressions become habitual causing our face to age prematurely and chronic symptoms to develop. When these muscular contractions are held for a long time (sometime since we are children) we lose awareness of them, without realising that, through our facial motions, we are constantly sending messages to our brain. In the process of letting go of stuck emotions, the physiognomy of our face will change as it frees up, habitual lines will soften, tension and pain will be released.

My work involves the use of various methods and therapies including massage techniques, Facial Reflex Therapy (Sorensensistem)*, Traditional Oriental Facial Therapies and tools (cupping, gua sha and jade roller), acupressure and tapping, relaxation and visualisation, Face Yoga and exercises, natural face-lift massage techniques and Clinical/Oriental Aromatherapy –using Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, including Five Elements Aromatherapy and the use of clinical grade oils.


Hugely beneficial in relieving pain and tension in the face, head and neck.

“Veronica’s treatments give me an enormous sense of relief and well-being.

I have jaw pain from grinding my teeth in my sleep so I wanted a therapeutic massage to help relieve tension in the face, head and neck.

I went to see Veronica on a recommendation from another client so I knew she would be excellent.

I have found the massages to be hugely beneficial in relieving pain and tension.

Veronica has been really helpful in recommending things I can do at home myself such as using a gua sha. She has also sold me a wonderful essential oil that is designed to help relieve tension.”

Lucy A., Teacher

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